Announcing our Seahawks Puzzle Contest

It’s fall – the leaves are changing, the weather’s turning, and we’re cheering on our Seattle Seahawks as they make another run toward the Super Bowl championship!

Phipps Orthodontics is proud to announce our Seahawks puzzle contest, running from Friday, September 29th through Friday, December 8th.

There are two steps in this contest:

1) Successfully assemble the online puzzle of the Seattle Seahawks logo

2) Leave a review for Dr. Phipps on the Phipps Orthodontics Facebook page

Patients who complete both tasks will be entered into a drawing to win a $100 gift card to Clinkerdagger! Read more information about this contest here.

Good luck to all the contestants! Our patients are truly the best “12th Man” an orthodontic practice can have! Go Seahawks!


Thanksgiving Means Being Grateful

Thanksgiving Gratitude Spokane WAHere at Phipps Orthodontics, our team believes in the simple power of gratitude. What better time of the year to express our gratitude than Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving brings to mind different thoughts to different people.

To most, it brings visions of a family Thanksgiving feast with roast turkey, mashed potatoes, dressing with yummy gravy, cranberries, squash, and of course…pumpkin pie! To a student away at school, it may mean coming home to be with those they miss and possibly some much needed down time from the daily rigors of school and studying. Then again for others…are you ready for some football… a day off from work… or a long weekend?Read More

Be Careful You Don’t Get Tricked by Your Halloween Treats

Eating the wrong foods can break your braces in Spokane WAYou have all heard about the damage that sugar and certain “sticky” candies can do to you teeth and your braces when undergoing orthodontic treatment. Well, our team at Phipps Orthodontics wants to remind all of our patients and future patients about the dangers one more time. We know Halloween is supposed to be a fun time of year for kids of all ages… but it can turn into a “nightmare” for both kids and parents if the wrong types of treats are consumed and appliances are damaged. Not only the discomfort involved as a result of broken wires and brackets, but also the inconvenience of coming to the office and time required for an emergency visit with your busy school and/or work schedules.

Here at Phipps Orthodontics we love Halloween but we also have a responsibility to increase the awareness of potential damage certain candies can cause if patients are not careful about which treats to eat. Click here to download a Do’s and Don’ts Treat List offered by the American Association of Orthodontics. As a reminder, print it off and post in on your refrigerator for all to see.Read More

Celebrate Orthodontic Health Month with a Smile in Spokane

Orthodontic Health MonthDid you know that October is National Orthodontic Health Month? Dr. Gerald Phipps and his team at Phipps Orthodontics want you to join us in celebrating the power of a smile during October.

You only get one chance to make a first impression, no matter what your age 12, 16 or 60! A perfect smile is one of your best and lifelong assets. Whether you are meeting new friends or interviewing for a job, a smile is important to building both personal and business relationships. It is a well-known fact that straight teeth and a great smile builds self-esteem, confidence, and influences how you present yourself to the world. Orthodontic treatment is an investment in the future.

Our goal this year is to spread the word in in the Spokane, WA area that October is National Orthodontic Health Month and its purpose is to reinforce the need for an orthodontic evaluation. You are never too young or too old if your bite or smile needs correction.Read More

Wisdom Teeth Removal – When?

wisdom teeth spokane wa.Lately, the latest trend amongst trending topics has been celebrities keeping their Instagram followers up-to-date on their dental health. This includes top A-listers like Paris Hilton, Lily Allen, and Emile Hirsch. Even Ariana Grande has gotten in on the act. Recently, Grande gave social media users a front row seat to the removal of her last three wisdom teeth.

While we don’t know if this will continue, we feel it’s a good opportunity to share with you why the extraction of your wisdom teeth can be so important for you.Read More